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MOVE IT UP: Free COVID-19 Vaccines and Testing, through Community Partnerships

The MOVE IT UP project works with community partners to provide free COVID-19 vaccines, tests in Sacramento and Yolo counties. 

The United States is the most technologically advanced country in the world, spending more resources on health care than any other nation, yet not all citizens have equal access to quality health care. On average, racial and ethnic minorities are in poorer health, suffer worse health outcomes, and have higher morbidity and mortality rates than their white cohorts. Underrepresented minority and low-income populations experience disproportionately high (but avoidable) rates of preventable disease and premature death across many conditions. Such disparities can result in severe medical, social and economic consequences including increased mortality. It is in response to these inequities that the UC Davis Health established the Center for Reducing Health Disparities in 2005.

Cultural Transformation Model Final Report

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Advancing Health Equity Through a Community-Based Approach

Learn how the Center implemented its Cultural Transformation Model in partnership with a county’s behavioral health department to increase access and utilization of mental health services for their underserved populations.

The final evaluation report of that collaboration highlights the successful results of combining Community Engaged Research, the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards, and the Quadruple Aim framework.

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Cultural Transformation Model

In 2016 Solano County Behavioral Health Division (SCBHD), partnered with UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities (CRHD), to launch a multi-phase five-year community-initiated Mental Health Services Act Innovation project known as the Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Cultural Transformation Model (ICCTM).

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California Reducing Disparities Project

The California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) is a statewide prevention and early intervention effort to reduce mental health disparities in underserved communities.

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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement program is a well-established resource linking investigators and community partners to implement the mission of building capacity and infrastructure for clinical and translational research.

Trauma-Informed Care and Services for Immigrant Families

Trauma-Informed Care & Services for Immigrant Families

Sponsored by the California Health Care Foundation, and the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) Center for Reducing Health Disparities, the symposium explored trauma-informed care and yielded key recommendations and best practices for providing services to vulnerable populations in California.